17 April 2014

The Story of the Sensational Shooting in Springfield, part 2

I admit when I first began reading this story I was so excited to find my relatives in the newspaper. I did an initial search and got the main story down. The reporting in the Daily-Picayune seemed accurate but I could see many details that were not consistent. There were also so many people involved that I could not keep straight who was connected to who. In my last post I divided the people involved into three categories however there is some overlap and it is not as clearly cut as it seems.If I were casting a play I about this story, I would have 43 named players as well as 24 named jurors. The names of two of the newspaper reporters are among the those mentioned.

From a genealogy perspective, the most troubling of the names that appear in the story is the name of Walton Facundus. In several of the articles his name changes from Walter to Walton. It isn't until the trials start that his name remains the same. Luckily his brother's name only fluctuates between Charley and Charles. It is clear throughout that Charles and Walton are brothers. J. Shell, L. V., W. J., and M. Eugene Settoon are also all brothers.

It becomes much more difficult to understand the relationships of those on the other side of the feud. I have tried but struggled to draw a tree to show their relationships. Eugene Walker has two sisters, one is married to Ed Johnson, and the other is married to Dr. Powlett. Eugene's father's name is George and his wife's name is Kelly. Ed Johnson has a brother and a sister; his brother is Andrew G. Johnson, his sister is Alice Johnson. Ed Johnson's father is O. A. Johnson.

Using just the newspaper articles I have not found any other relationships. My next step was connecting the story to my relatives. I suspected but what other evidence could I find.