15 December 2015

RootsMapper a FamilySearch compatible app

I have been using RootsMapper for a while now. I cannot remember when I first came across the app but it has been listed on my internet resources page for at least two years.

If you have never heard of RootsMapper their blog has a description as:
RootsMapper allows you to easily visualize the migration patterns of your ancestors. It utilizes the data that already exists in your FamilySearch Family Tree to plot your ancestors onto an interactive map. Discover your family’s heritage with RootsMapper. It’s easy to get started. Just visit our website and login with your FamilySearch credentials and a basic map will automatically generate. From there you can explore additional options and plot multiple additional generations in seconds.
A lot of people are familiar with what RootsMapper can do if they attended RootsTech last year or if they have been to visit a Family Discovery Center. I am not positive that it is the same technology but the results are pretty close.

RootsMapper works in conjunction with FamilySearch. When you first get to the RootsMapper.com website it prompts you to login with your FamilySearch account.

Once the pages loads your information from FamilySearch you can watch it plot on a map the places where your direct relatives were born. Each pin in the map represents a person. By clicking on the pin you can open a link to their profile page in FamilySearch.

Using the tools in the top left hand corner you can select how many generations you want to have plotted. You can also toggle the lines, pins and country colors on and off.

The tools also show you the number of people in each country. You can also get the same information but generation.

I like the way this tool allows me to visualize the immigration pattern of my family. It also will allow you to see the disbursement of families across the work by generation.

As you can see by my maps, it looks like my first seven generations all lead back to Great Britain and Germany. No wonder I get sunburned so quickly. Try this app. It is interesting to play with the generations. You can also have a seperate relative be the beginning of the map.