18 March 2016

There is Room for Everyone in Genealogy - Feb FTT

My Febuary Find, Take, Teach lesson was heavily influenced by my attendance at this years RootsTech, The Superbowl of Storytelling.

I loved to hear Paul Madison tell her story about Finding Samuel Lowe from Harlem to China. It is an unexpected story of a genealogy success. I was also impressed by the gratitude she expressed for those who did the indexing she used to find information about her father. If you have the time it is worth watching.

As I have reflected on RootsTech the one presentation I think about most was by David Isay, a Peabody Award winner who took to the street to capture people's stories. David shares the stories he has recorded on his StoryCorp podcast and has been syndicated on the radio. These recordings are also saved at the library of congress.

The first story he shared was from Lyle Link and Carly Dreher. Carly interviews her grandfather Lyle about his life. It is hard for me to even think about this story without me feeling emotional. It is worth listening to and should not be skipped.

The other story David Isay shared was about Wil Smith and his daughter Olivia. Olivia interviews her father about their life together. It is humorous and touching to hear them talk about their lives together as a single father and daughter.

The stories that David Isay shared along with his own talk brought home to me the importance of authentic stories and they power they have. This is an excellent entry for people to participate in family history.

The video archive from Roots tech can be found at  https://www.rootstech.org/video2/4739804696001

The Family Discovery Day Videos can be found at https://www.lds.org/topics/family-history/familydiscoveryday/2016-video-archive?lang=eng

Family Search has an area in the memories tab were you can upload recordings of interviews you do with your family members. The Memories app allows you to record an interview with someone and add it directly to FamilySearch.