16 January 2014

Hello World

It has been a while since I tried this blog thing. I have tried many different times to start a blog based on my hobbies and such. I had one fairly successful blog that ended in 2006. It was about random things I found on the internet. It really was a place holder so I could remember where I found them and share them with my friends.

When Facebook took off, I found myself sharing more and more information there. Pretty soon I started family history pages, soccer pages, my teenage daughter dating pages, and other random things to share the information that I have found. Over the years I learned that I wanted to share information between different pages or that I would forget where I posted them. I have also been posting things to the wrong page.

Provo Daily Herald - 20 April 1959 - Page 5
I recently posted an advertisement for my great grandfather's business on the wrong family page. Although it generated a lot of comments, I felt silly that I have made this simple mistake. I decided that I would like to try and start a blog again. The I could post all of the information I find in one place and direct my different family members to the blog for more information.

Hopefully I can build on past success and not create another abandoned blog. I follow several genealogy blogs and I hope to become more active with that blogging community. We will see how this goes.