01 July 2015

FamilySearch Photo Finds

I admit I am a forest ranger for my family tree. I am hooked on the watch feature on the profile view of the Family Tree. 

When you click the star or the word 'watch' this person is added to a list of people that you are able to see any changes that are made.

To view the changes list first you mouse-over the Family Tree link at the top of the page and then select 'Lists'.

On the following page click the link that says, "Changes to People I'm Watching".

This list view shows all of the changes to the people you are following for the last month. Every Tuesday I go through my watch list to see in anyone has added sources, documents or pictures to those that I watch.

Yesterday I noticed two new pictures for my 3rd great-grandfather Theodore Thaddeus Taylor. One of the great features of the photo tool is that there is contact information listed for the person who posted the photo. A quick search of my Legacy database showed me that I did not have a reference for the person who posted the pictures.

I sent off an email to my cousin to find out more information:
Hello cousin, 
I see you posted pictures of Theodore Thaddeus Taylor to FamilySearch. Can you tell me your family line to him? I am his descendant through Theodore Marsden Taylor and my grandmother Gloria Mae Taylor Trotter. 
Mat Trotter 
Today he replied:
Hello Cousin Matt, 
Thanks for contacting me.  Theodore's father is Elmer Taylor.  Elmer has a brother Martin Taylor. I come through Martin and his wife Elizabeth.  I live in Springville Utah where Elmer and Martin's father Benjamin Franklin Taylor is buried. I am acquainted with some other of Theodore's family who live in Provo, Utah.  They own Carpenter Seed Co. in Provo. 
It's nice to get to know you, 
Mike Taylor 
WOW!!! This is a ton of information. I know he is my relative but more distant than I first thought. So I replied back to him:
Yes, my grandpa Trotter worked at Carpenter Seed as well. My aunt Connee says she has never see those pictures that you posted. Do you have any more?
[I then crossed my fingers and hoped against hope.]
He replies: [drum roll please]
Yes I do. A lady from Beaver, Utah contacted me and gave me two old photo albums. She had held on to the photos for years but she was not related to the Taylor's. There is a photo of Theodore on a bicycle and since I own a bicycle shop she thought I should have them. After I scanned them I gave them to Ted Taylor's son at Carpenter seed. He was the only one I knew related to Elmer and I felt he should have them. There are a bunch more photos with no names I don't recognize who they are. I included pictures of the two photo album covers and one of Theodore on the bicycle.


I quickly wrote him back to see if he would be willing to send me copies of the scans he made. I plan to follow up with him and the Carpenter Seed Taylors. To see if I could at least see the photo albums.

Genealogy is a part of Family History. Photos and stories are what keep me going. I am so excited for this find. I hope I can get some of the photos and match them up with other members of my family.