23 July 2015

FamilySearch test view

For the last few weeks I have been using a version of FamilySearch to test certain new functionalities. This is not the beta version which has older data a test version that is ready to be deployed. It does not have all of the whistles and bells like the messenger features some are seeing in the beta version. I am not sure how broad the test is but I find the changes encouraging.

You may have heard me refer to myself as a forest ranger of family tree. I find myself going through others source additions and changes to make sure everything is correct. The test home page has a giant list along the left side of the recent changes and additions to my tree. I am able to flag the change or follow the link to she what was done. I can also sort the changes by Favorites, Photos, Documents, Audio, Stories, and sources. VERY HELPFUL for us Forrest rangers.

Along the right side are recommended task for record hints, a custom to-do list, recently viewed ancestors, personal statistics, and help information. I was very interested in the record hints that showed up. Not because I haven't used Family Tree hints before but because there was a new link for family in obituaries.

I have documented hundreds of obituaries over the years. This has to be the easiest way to find information. I am not sure why I only had one relative show up but it was enough to demonstration the functionality of the page before launch.

There is even a link to show me how I am related to the person in the obituary.

The other features are nice. I wasn't sure how many namesI had reserved but this number is close. I am really surprised that I have added so many people. I do not believe that the majority of the 118 I have added are included in the 119 I have submitted. I wonder how to parse that. I am impressed by the forward thinking and direction that FamilySearch is taking. Although I takes time to keep up with all of the changes. They show enough promise it is worth the time spent. I wish I could share the information I have about the changes and where they are beaded.