10 February 2014

Genealogy and Social Media - Amber Marie Bellows Butler

My mother made this Facebook post February 9, 2014.

This is not typical of the kind of genealogy information I find on social media.

I feel loss and sorrow for Amber, her husband and the rest of her family; but to be honest I am not sure how I am related to Amber. My uncle Followed up with this post.

With the information from these two posts, I opened up Legacy to see where in the family Amber fits. I quickly discovered that despite meeting these relatives at several family reunions I feel fuzzy about my knowledge of them and I have even less information in my files.

From my mother and uncle's posts, I figured out that I am looking for Edyth's granddaughter, Amber Bellows. Since my uncle Darce says she is his cousin's daughter, I know that Edythe is either my Grandfather or Grandmother's sister.

Luckily I found Edyth and Jan where I thought they would be. Amber is not in my records but based on the clues from Facebook I have found where she belongs. Now I know how I am related to Amber I want to find out more about Amber. A quick Google search turns up several photos, her Facebook page, news stories about the event, and videos of Amber base-jumping.

The news reports say she had been married to her husband Clayton for only two weeks before she died.

The blog http://dailyentertainmentnews.com posted information about Amber's wedding date and location as well as her parents names. The blog also posted links to both Amber and Clayton's Facebook pages.

After Amber and Clayton were married they jumped from their hotel room balcony in Las Vegas.

Of the many things I learned today about Amber I am sure she died doing the thing she loved with the person she loved. I wish I have know her better.

Amber Marie Bellows Butler
Born: 1986
Married: January 26, 2014
Died: February 8, 2014
Father: Boyd Kay Bellows
Mother: Jan Marie Erickson Bellows
Siblings: Zachary, Brandon, and Kelli Bellows