25 February 2014

Taking stock post RootsTech

It has been two weeks since my last post. I would have thought before RootsTech I would have a lot to write about in this blog. The truth is I feel as unfocused about where to go from here as before. I really did learn a lot at the conference and came back with several good ideas.

 I mostly learned:
  1. I have been incomplete in documenting my sources.
  2. I still do not have a grasp on how I should keep a research log.
  3. I need to be keeping research notes.
  4. I need to share more while only giving spoonfuls at a time.
  5. There is more to genealogy than documents and sources.
  6. I wasn't ready for DNA and I don't think it is ready for me either.
I can't say these are hard lessons but they have made me take a step back and look at what I am doing.
  • I have 8588 people in my legacy database with over 50,000 individual source attributions or events.
  • I have 3319 people in my ancestry.com profile with 6,050 records, 219 stories, 713 photos, and 7449 shaky leaf hints.
  • I have 260 contributions to Wiki-tree.
  • I started adding sources and pictures to Family Tree and created a watch-list for 369 individuals.
  • I started five different family Facebook pages and posted information and pictures to share.
  • I started this blog, joined Google+, updated my twitter and Instagram accounts.
You can probably see why I am unfocused and can't decide what to do next. I have spent most of the last two weeks listening/watching to all of the RootsTech recorded sessions and the Legacy Family Tree Webinar, reading blogs, and catching up on my FamilySearch watch list updates. Not to mention cataloging the images and scans I got from the Furniss family before RootsTech.  I also got even more new documents and images from my Aunt Connee (about my grandparents in the Trotter and Taylor families) the weekend after RootsTech.

I feel like I am spinning my wheels.