03 February 2015

Grandma's Pie - FHTL part 2

Grandma's Pie is a new web app in beta release from the Family History Technology Lab at BYU.
Multiple Generations view

This application uses information from Family Search Family Tree to give you a visual pie chart of your family data. The sliding bar at the top of the page allows you to display different numbers of generations worth of information. The above chart makes my loyalist and Canadian ancestors pop-out in the top left hand side of the chart.

Single Generation view

The two different views displays the data by percentage and by family. The above pie chart shows that of my six ancestor generations 43.36% were born in the United States, 31.47% in England and 13.29% are of unknown origin. This means that the 13.29% do not have birth place information or there are people missing from my pedigree.

There is a note on the projects page of the FHTL website that says that the data used for this application is 2-4 months old. I am sure once there are ready for a full release that the data will be more current.