03 February 2015

One Page Genealogy - FHTL part 4

Unlike the other projects from the Family History Technology Lab at BYU, One page Genealogy's goal is to find the best way to create and print your family tree. Using information from Family Search Family Tree your pedigree genealogical data is automatically populated into the chart.

It took me a second to realize that I could scroll in and out to view the whole chart. The program allows you to modify the displayed information. I can adjust the look of my tree by grabbing a node and sliding it toward or away from other nodes. You can also grab single nodes and change their position within relation to the other nodes in the same tree. Tools also allow you change the coloring of the tree, how many generations to display, and the root person in the tree.

This is a powerful idea that will have a similar impact as the TreeSeek.com charts but will also allow you to customize your charts to the data available in your pedigree. I am excited to see the progress of this project and the innovations they will add in the future.