03 August 2015

Do you know all of your cousins? 52 Questions W9

This week we will focus on the question -

Do you know all of your cousins?

Good follow-up questions that easily go with this question are:
Do you know all of your cousins?
How many of them have you seen?
Who are the new ones?
When did you last see them?
When will you get a chance to see all these relatives again?

As I have grown older my relationships with my cousins has generally become more distant. As we spread across the country it is natural that we are not all as close as we once were. Facebook has helped with this in a lot of cases. I have cousins in Washington, Florida, Arizona, California, Utah, and Nevada that I keep much closer tabs on that I could have before. I also have developed relationships with cousins that are related past the first degree.

Cousins can be a great source of information for your family as well as fellow workers in Family History.

My grandfather built his own boat that he would take us fishing in. On a Family Facebook page I asked if anyone had a picture of the boat and my cousin sent in this picture. My cousin and grandmother are in the picture on the boat. Off in the distance is a landmark we used to find out fishing hole on Strawberry Reservoir.

I have another cousin who I barely knew when I was a child. My aunt and uncle were divorced and she and her mother moved away. We went to school together for a year in junior high school but besides that I did not know her much. Now we interact monthly, if not weekly. We both have sons on missions, she knits like our grandma.

I cannot say that I know all of my cousins. But I am excited to get to know more every day. It is important to record the information and pictures that you can. To organize family reunions and information exchanges. Their memories, stories and photos are a valuable resource for Family History.