11 August 2015

Pedigreeable a new FamilySearch compatible app

Pedigreeable is an app that allows you to produce artistic and well designed family trees for display. The description from the website says Pedigreeable allows you to, "Easily create beautiful, modern family trees in minutes."

The first step is choosing between a circle, balloon or tree template.

The second step is choosing the theme and color scheme of your template.

The third step is filling in your data. This is where linking into FamilySearch comes in handy but you can enter the data if you would prefer. When importing from FamilySearch they give you an option to decide who is the subject of the Pedigreeable.

The app then walk you through a shopping cart with different pricing options. The above tree is the actual size of the free sample.

The different templates and themes give you several different options.

I wish the free images were a little larger because they are a little hard to proof but larger versions are available from the app and allowing you to hand edit the names makes this project a perfect way to display your family tree.