11 August 2015

Kinpoint a new FamilySearch compatible app

The description from the Kinpoint download page says, "Kinpoint makes it easy to do Family History by providing a customized experience, focused on what matters to you. Quickly find missing information in your family tree and discover insights into the lives of your ancestors."

Kinpoint provides a way to discover a visual to-do list as you explore your family tree. The basic software allows you to see gold and orange dots where there is missing birth, marriage and death information as well as any ordinances that could be reserved. The premium version allows you to see red, green and blue dots to highlight any timeline, duplication or clean up issues. Missing sources and Record matches that are missing are also shown.

With the app you can grab the section of the tree for any person and drag them to the middle to see their tree. This is a quick way to search and find work that can be done. The left side of the window shows vital, marriage and ordinance information for the person in the center of the tree.

You are also able to view descendants of the person with and you are given the same functionality and information at the previous view.

You can also add or remove generations from your tree view. This view shows me gaps in my lines as well as family groups I can focus working on.

I like how easy it was to navigate through the site. The integration with FamilySearch makes all of the picture and documents available and presented in a visually pleasing way.

The Family view from the top menu bar allows to to graphically visualize the makeup of the family and the work that is available to to for each member of the family.

The bottom of the Family page also shows your relationship to the person and the available pictures of the people in the family line.

The timeline view takes the location from events and sources and plots them on a map. I love this view and the perspective it gives. I also love to see the more information I have the more plot points are added.

For visual people this is a great way to view and explore your FamilyTree. I am seriously considering purchasing the full version of the app for the added functionality it provides. What do you think?