10 August 2015

Hope Chest a new FamilySearch compatible app

When logging in to FamilySearch today and saw a link from the home page for the app gallery. I saw a couple of icons I didn't recognize so I decided to take a look.

Sure enough there was a new app called Hope Chest.  The description of the app says, "Hope Chest will save hours of time clicking through your tree.  Find what you are looking for without all the tedious effort." This is the only directions you get for the app.

I uploaded the app to chrome and gave it a whirl. After installing a Hope Chest icon appears in the top right corner of the web address bar. After navigating to a person in your tree you can search for ancestor or descendants of that person.

I first ran a scan of my own ancestors and after a good hour I was presented with a report of 23 temple opportunities. Most of them were for sealing to spouse. Six of them were for All of the ordinances and four of those were either duplicates or within the 110 year rule.

I then navigated to my 5th great-grandfather and chose a descendant search. After about 45 minutes I got 106 results. Twenty-three of the finds were for all ordinances and only a handful of them were duplicates or under the 110 year rule.

With the free version of the app you need to follow the link to each individuals page and reserve their work. This process was much faster than doing ti by hand. You also can watch as the app moves through your tree finding information.

I will use this tool in the future.